Adding or modifying users

Depending on your access rights, your actual screen might differ from what’s shown in the screenshots in this help system.


Users with the "Customer Admin" role can create and edit users. Clicking on the Create User button prompts the user creation form.

When clicking on an individual user entry, the same form appears pre-filled with the data of that user.

users edit
Figure 1. User creation/edition form
1 Use this section to enter basic data for the user.
2 Select a role for the user in this section.

About Roles

Users with the "Customer Admin" role can add or remove the "Customer Admin" role to other users, and to themselves. Doing so might disable the capability of the current user to undo this change, or inversely, provide this privilege to any user.

Frequently Asked Questions

I created a new user account. Why isn’t this new user account able to access Icinga or GitLab?

The current user creation procedure isn’t able to create user accounts to reach Icinga or GitLab.

If your new user account needs to be able to access any or both of these systemss, please open a ticket.

What can the different roles do?


Can do everything except edit users.


Can do everything including edit users.


Can see invoices, and read and write tickets.


Use appuio.


Can see everything except invoices. Can also create tickets and manage openshift projects.


read & write tickets.

Can I/should I select multiple roles?

You can, but this is generally not needed.

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